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SPE Star Scholarship And Fellowship
Each year, the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) awards 15 scholarships valued at USD 5,000/year and 15 fellowships valued at USD 10,000/year, renewable yearly, for up to four years or until graduation, whichever comes first. Regions may customize the criteria, applications, number and value of the scholarships and fellowships. Thus, the dollar amount of the funding varies among the 15 SPE Regions. Each year, Regional Directors will assemble a Regional Scholarship Committee. The composition of the Regional Scholarship Committee is to be determined by the Regional Director with the goal of broad representation from the region. The Regional Scholarship Committee operates as the selection committee.
Scholarship and Fellowship Deadlines:
Applications within each region must be submitted by 1 March annually. SPE will notify recipients by 15 May annually.
Scholarship and Fellowship Distribution
Scholarship and Fellowship funding will be distributed in September and February of each year. First payments are made in September (typically scholarships/fellowships valued at more than USD 2,500 are divided into two payments).
SPE General Scholarship and Fellowship Criteria
The program aims to support a student through a maximum of four years of university study or until graduation, provided that they make satisfactory academic progress. Students automatically rotate off the program after graduation or 4 years, whichever comes first. The SPE Scholarships/Fellowships are awarded to the most deserving candidate from the applications received as determined by the Regional Scholarship Committee.
Standard SPE Qualifications and Requirements:
1) Open to those who are already full-time university students and are currently or will soon study Oil & Gas industry related courses OR those who have applied to or are registered for university and intend to study Oil and Gas industry related courses on a full-time basis.
2) Application is to be submitted by the student and must be received at an SPE office by 1 March.
3) A written statement from the student must be included that indicates their intent to enroll in university courses related to the Oil & Gas industry.
4) At least one letter of recommendation must accompany the application.
5) Scholarship applicants must answer each essay question.
6) Fellowship applicants must prepare a statement of interest.
7) If the applicant meets SPE membership qualifications, the applicant must be a member of SPE. If the applicant doesn’t meet SPE membership qualifications at the time of application, as soon as they do meet the qualifications (upon starting university) the recipient must join SPE.
Mandatory Restrictions if Awarded Scholarship
1) The scholarship or fellowship will be canceled if the student is not enrolled in university for 50% of a full time academic course load as a full-time student during a semester.
2) The student must provide proof of academic progress each semester (an official transcript,report of grades, or annual review progress is customary).
3) Typically the student must maintain a “B” cumulative grade point average to receive the scholarship checks, although each case will be considered individually.
4) Proof of enrollment, such as a paid fee statement for the upcoming term, or an official letter from the student’s university stating their current enrollment
5) Class schedule for current enrollment or for the upcoming academic term from the registrar. Schedule for the upcoming term is preferred. This may also include Modules/ Exams Schedule.
6) Scholarship and Fellowship recipients must be members of SPE for the duration of funding.
7) Exceptions to certain requirements may be made by the Regional Scholarship Committee in unusual circumstances.
Application Submission Procedures
Applications must be submitted by email or mail to the attention of SPE Regional Scholarship Program to the appropriate SPE Office. All applications must by typed. No handwritten applications will be accepted. In the subject line of the email, you must indicate to which Region you are applying. Apply to the region where your permanent address is located.
Applications due by 1 March each year.
Welcome to SPE ISM Students Chapter